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first of all, What is 'mixing'?


Mixing is the process between recording your song and having the final product given to you, whether it be on CD, vinyl or as a wave file.

Mixing (in its simplest form) is blending the different sounds and instruments together. It is at the mixing stage where you can add most 'colour' to the instruments' sound and transform a good recording into something great! Different types of processing can be used to help control and 'shape' the sounds, such as compression, equalisation and gating etc which all help the different parts (drums, bass, guitar, vocals...) have their own 'space' (in terms of frequency). Effects can also be added to parts, and depending on how much effects are used, they can make things sound bigger, closer, more up - front, or more distant... A combination of these types of processing techniques, effects and more, can dramatically enhance the mood or atmosphere of your song, eg. making drums sound more 'punchy' or a string section sound silky smooth.

Mixing involves careful and critical listening, time and patience.

It would not be uncommon for a mixing engineer to spend 15 - 20 hours per song.

So if you want to take your sound to the next level, then click the button below and let's get you booked in!!




mixing vs mastering?


Where mixing is the blending of individual sounds to bring them together, mastering is taking the whole mix and adding that extra bit of 'sheen' and 'sparkle' to it. It's the final stage before you receive your product. If you are working on more than one song, mastering also ensures all of your songs sit well together, in terms of relative levels and frequencies, e.g. some don't sound too 'dark' and others don't sound too 'bright'. Once again, compression and equalistation are used, but this time, very subtle changes are made which take careful listening to make all the final details perfect. When this stage is complete, your songs are ready to go!






Mixing (Mastering included free)


  • "A Man and his Guitar" - £50 (up to 5 audio tracks)

  • Up to and including 30 audio tracks - £150

  • In excess of 30 audio tracks - £200




  • £30/song


What's the plan?


  1. Arrange booking and pay deposit (30%)

  2. Send all files (via WeTransfer)

  3. Wait no more than 7 days for your mix (You will receive a snippet pre-payment)

  4. Pay outstanding amount (70%)

  5. *Receive your mixed and mastered song!


*This includes 2 short sessions for any minor revisions


**Please see, "How To Prepare Your Song For Mixing" before sending files**